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The whole rapture set…..totally gorgeous! This was the first image I released of what was to come for SS14. Styled with our heart sequin pasties and vintage Dior stockings. 

This is so incredible <3
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And while it’s a bit “cheesecake”, the use of the bold colours appeals to me on some level. Call it a guilty pleasure.
(Queen Moulded Cup plus size bra, $29 from Lingerie Diva. The warning sign, however, might be that the sizing is listed as “1X to 4X”. Whatever that means.)
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Sneak Peek : Harlow & Fox (30-38/DD-G)

That robe in the lower right corner though…

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Gracie Bloomers by Minuit Douze
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Intenzioni palest pink satin lingerie - AW11
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♡Click me for more Dita♡

Dita Von Teese for Von Follies.

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just realised I hit 600 followers this week! thank you to everyone and happy reblogging! xo
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